Storyboard Original Hand-Drawn pictures

'Attack of the Cyber Octopuses' is a retro-futuristic cyberpunk short film. It recreates the look and feel of the Eighties Sci-fi classics, without using CGI nor chroma key.

Those are original unique storyboard pictures hand drawn by artist James Iles and signed by film director Nicola Piovesan. In total there are 20 of them (check the pictures to choose the one you like the most!). Be quick to get your favourite! Being unique single copies, they could get unavailable.

Size approx: 14cm x 7cm (5.5in x 2.7in) on 3mm foamboard


Board 1.2

Board 1.3

Board 2.1A

Board 2.1B

Board 2.2

Board 2.4

Board 2.5

Board 2.6

Board 2.7

Board 2.8

Board 3

Board 5.1

Board 7.3

Board 9.3

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